Die First, Then Quit.

You are dead. There's no coming from that. You don't get to quit after you die!


You Are A Manufacturing Machine. You Are A Factory.

Is it Misery? Frustration? Bitterness? Hopelessness? Disappointments? Failures? and, or, all these other things that have caused you to live your life defeated, disgruntled, and discouraged.

The Little Boy Who Learned How To Cook.

I was only allowed one meal a day and that was dependent on whether there were any leftovers. Every night, when they set the table ready for supper, I was asked to step out until they had finished eating. If they happened to leave some food, then that’s what I would eat. Some days I was lucky but most are the ones I was unlucky.

Letter To My Unborn Child.

Dear Son, Am writing you this letter many years even before you are born. I write to you in advance as a testament to you so you can know that right from the onset, I thought of you, I expected you, and I wanted you. But more importantly your mother and I loved you prior … Continue reading Letter To My Unborn Child.

Feeling Stuck.

Will it come to me? will they come to me? These ideas! The great ones preferably. Will the juices ever flow from the creative fountain of my brain? If yes, then when? Because I sit here almost all day, like a knight with sword unsheathed ready to match into the battle of putting words to … Continue reading Feeling Stuck.

That Still Inner Voice.

Dear old friend, I have opted to not send you a text message or link up with you via WhatsApp, email or the other social media platforms. Instead, I feel to the best of my judgment that it would do both of us a great amount of good if we kept in touch through the … Continue reading That Still Inner Voice.

You are special.

Let me ask you a question, a really simple question. How many times have you heard this statement “you are special?”, “you are one of a kind?”, “you are unique?” let me guess - like a million times. Probably a lot more. There are dozens of these quotes every day on social media, you have … Continue reading You are special.

New to blogging.

This is my first time blogging. Its totally new to me and am basically venturing into the unknown. Am curious to find out where this new endevour will take me. i have had the passion for writing for as long as i can remember,but i have never taken the time to cultivate and nurture this … Continue reading New to blogging.