Letter To My Unborn Child.

Dear Son,

Am writing you this letter many years even before you are born. I write to you in advance as a testament to you so you can know that right from the onset, I thought of you, I expected you, and I wanted you. But more importantly your mother and I loved you prior to your conception. I try to imagine how you will look like, how your voice will sound like, how your walk will look like and what attributes you will possess. As I paint these mental pictures of you am only certain that you will take from me my handsome looks, will power and strength. From your beautiful mother, her kind spirit and warmth of her heart you will draw. The character and personality of Jesus is what I pray most that you ultimately possess.

As I await your arrival, I’m not just preparing for you but rather am preparing myself to be a wonderful father to you. I have so much that am yet to learn and a lot more to work on myself. I need to equip myself with as much as I can and here am not talking in momentary terms. Far from it. Am referencing character, principles, values/virtues, honor, humility, forgiveness, belief, family, faith, love, and God – just to mention but a few. I read somewhere the other day and learned something that tickled my fancy. A line in the book said, “The best things in life are not things” and I figure the above things mentioned are some of those things that are best in life.

The things I plan on teaching you I have to learn myself. For I cannot teach you that which I do not know and I cannot give you that which I do not have. You see, for the most part I have journeyed this life aimlessly, I have roamed this earth with no direction, my life has had no guidance whatsoever and it has been void of purpose. That my son is no way to live life. It is as dangerous as jumping from a plane midair without a parachute or setting sail at sea without a compass. Suicide is more like it. The things I have gone through, the things I have seen, and the experiences I have endured I do not wish for you.

Slowly I am finding clarity, in little strides am walking closer and closer toward self-realization, and in small portions am finding stillness, calmness, harmony and balance in my life. I have taken on being a seeker of the secrets of life and enlightenment and there are things I know now I wish I had known earlier. I am not trying by any means to scare you but, the world is a scary and dark place. It can be cruel sometimes, it has a way of playing nasty jokes on you, jokes that are not at all funny – I think its sense of humor is twisted, ill funded and psychotic – sometimes, the world, for its own amusement; will toss you around, kick you when you’re down, stab you mercilessly, tear you into pieces, chew and swallow your little pieces and then vomit in your face.

I refuse to let that be what life turns out to be for you. That I refuse on the account that life has a flip side. It is generous, it is beautiful, it is forgiving, it is kind and it is filled with untold treasures. I never had anyone to show me this side of life nor did I have someone to guide and give me counsel. Life is governed by certain laws and rules, and life also has secrets. Secrets when uncovered while working in conjunction with the following of the laws of life, one is guaranteed to find happiness and fulfillment on this earth. This discovery I have had to unearth on my own and it has taken me quite a long time. Interestingly, am barely scratching the surface.

A few months ago, I was only but terrified for you. For I only saw pain, misfortune, failure, torment and endless struggle for you. I was fearful that I would bring you into the world only to subject you to untold suffering. For so long this thought broke my heart. But that was then. Now, moving forward, after learning the little I’m learning about life am filled with nothing but great expectations for you. It’s like a veil has been lifted from my eyes and now I see life in a brand-new light. It is my duty as your father to carter for you. It is my obligation to protect you, provide for you, and bring you upright capable to lead a good life. That much I owe you. I have been discharged with the responsivity to go before you and make clear your path and light the way for you. To help you navigate through life with confidence, courage, without doubt and some degree of ease. However, that does not mean you will have it smooth all the way. There are certain things that will not have control over and there are certain lessons you will have to learn on your own. My job is only intended to make it a little easier for you. A little bearable. That’s what fathers do.

Remember earlier I told you not to think in monetary terms? Because what I plan on giving you is so much more valuable than silver and gold. First thing I want you to take with all seriousness is that you can be anything you choose to be in this life. Nothing is impossible. This I’m certain because if America can go from having an intelligent and well equipped man for the job of president of the free world, to having a clown, self-absorbed and reality show celebrity, holding the highest office in the land, then I have no doubt that the impossible is in fact possible. It is as simple as standing in front of the window of life shopping for what you want. Soon as you identify that which you want, you walk right into the store and demand that Mr. Life gives it to you. You just pick and choose, it is as simple as that. Everything you will want, life will generously and freely give you.

I just want to emphasize that you will come into this world and do things only you can do. You will fill positions and stations only you can. For now, I prepare myself so I can prepare you for this life. I ready myself so I can get you ready. I’m excited for you and I wish to tell you in advance that I will be bringing you into a much better world than I found. I love you Son.

Your Loving Father.

PS: You are a perfect idea in Divine Mind and the plans for your life are Perfect under Grace.


That Still Inner Voice.


Dear old friend,

I have opted to not send you a text message or link up with you via WhatsApp, email or the other social media platforms. Instead, I feel to the best of my judgment that it would do both of us a great amount of good if we kept in touch through the use of letters – for all times sake. It is an art that is well forgotten, yet back in the day, it portrayed intimacy and deep connection between those who used it as a means of communication.

With that said, this will be the first of the many of letters I intend to write you in a consistent and timely fashion. To check on you, to talk to you and in the simplest of terms, let you know that you are thought of and deeply cared for. We have not touched base for far too long and this disconnect hauls with it grave imperilment of desolating even the best of kinships. I have taken upon myself out of the love I have for you to not let this po-faced endanger our relations. Time has come for us to pick up from where we let off, to bridge the gap, to restore the friendship, to resolve differences, to heal the wounds, to reconcile and most importantly forge ahead strongly together.

You are too valuable, too momentous and too sui generis to lose. My sincere hope is that you see reason and in the same faith reach-out for the sole purpose of rebuilding – what we’ve almost effortlessly, over the course of time – nearly torn down. We have been through a lot you and I, for the longest time, your journey has been my journey. Your pain has been my pain. Your triumphs have been my triumphs. Your losses have been my losses and all your experiences have been mine. Like the strands of DNA what you call you is tightly intertwined with what I call me. You are me as so much as I am you. I cannot see, even in a million years, my life without you.

Everything is not lost, there’s so much left we can salvage and so much we can build upon. The stars have been all so generous to us, and the universe through this generosity has put in our disposition so much ink and so many blank pages to write brand new chapters in both of our lives. The only condition – that we carry out this duty together. It will not be easy, but with my hand in yours and with the steadfastness of the love we have for each other, we can and we will conquer not some but all that this unforgiving, cruel and uncertain life will throw at us. It’s with great gung ho that I look forward to hearing from you, no sooner than later. I miss you and I love you so very much.

Yours truly,

That Still Inner Voice.

Ps. I have never left you, I have always been close and I have always been by your side.