Feeling Stuck.


Will it come to me? will they come to me? These ideas! The great ones preferably. Will the juices ever flow from the creative fountain of my brain? If yes, then when? Because I sit here almost all day, like a knight with sword unsheathed ready to match into the battle of putting words to paper. Fingers on the keyboard, pen on paper but nothing! Nothing seems to come to me. One moment it feels like, Yes. Here comes the big one. Oh, my, this one they will love. It’s going to be a good read. Hell, I love it already.  But almost instantly, in that same moment, it eludes me. Poof! It all disappears. Like a master trickster, the idea just vanishes into mere nothingness. And am back to staring at the cobwebs dangling from my ceiling.

Is this what they told me I will from time to time as a writer experience? Writer’s Block. It’s what they said it was. Seeing as to how this so-called Writer’s Block is resilient and unflinching, I will have it know than I come from a strong breed of stubborn horses. I will take my stand and I will not budge. I accept the challenge and am will to bet the only 2 cents I have in my possession, that I shall be the last man standing soon as this unwarranted contest is over. I will sure play back for the fat lady when she sings from the roof tops.

There’s a quote we are all well familiar with, that goes a little something like this, “I can do anything I set my mind to do” and it’s this words that I shall carry with me in my station as a writer. I love creative writing, but as I have come to learn – its takes a lot of creativity to be a be able to create, and am going to do just that – create.


You are special.

Let me ask you a question, a really simple question. How many times have you heard this statement “you are special?”, “you are one of a kind?”, “you are unique?” let me guess – like a million times. Probably a lot more. There are dozens of these quotes every day on social media, you have heard almost every motivational speaker tell you this on every seminar you’ve ever attended, streamed on YouTube, on every podcast you’ve ever listened to, every inspiring book you’ve ever read, and or even your pastor mentions this in almost every sermon he delivers at your local church. But with how much seriousness have you ever given meaning to this simple yet very powerful words? Well, I suppose, not with so much seriousness. If any at all. We’ve heard them so often that we have somewhat taken them for granted.

It’s only recently that I have come to appreciate the fact that I am special and that I am indeed very unique. My realization of this came to me as a surprise and it’s sad because it shouldn’t have been. God purposefully and intentionally created me to be special and I think Him seeing this old truth dawning unto me now makes Him shake His head with a tiny bit of pity. Although, am pretty sure He’s also smiling because at least, finally I know what He has always desired for me to know.

I don’t know about you, but here is how I know I am One of a Kind. I was born in July – yes am a July baby, I have no idea why saying it like that is a thing, but it is – and I’m a Leo. The symbol of my star sign is that of a lion. We all know what a lion represents. He is the ruler of the jungle, being a King is his forte. And just like the lion, in this jungle called life, I’m a ruler – I am a king. I have been given dominion over everything under the sun. Dominion over my life and everything that is my life. Let me tell you something else that’s so profound about me being a lion. I roll with a pride like no other. A pride that can never be matched, you know whose pride I am affiliated with? That of The Lion of Judah. Need I say more? – Talk of being special. Only when we place great value on ourselves, think great of ourselves and see greatness in ourselves, can we go out into this big scary world and do exploits. Only then.

You are special…. just in case you forgot.