Die First, Then Quit.

“Die First, Then Quit.”

Before you quit, give it everything you’ve got.

I heard this on – BBC Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week. A Tv Show about soldiers and how they train. The team leader of a unit of soldiers directed this to one of the participants who had opted out and quit. He said it to him with a lot of anger and disappointment as the participant walked away from the show. Soldiers do or die. They do not quit.

This quote caught my attention rather strikingly stirring curiosity within me.  “How does one die first, then quit after?” I couldn’t help but ask myself.

You are dead. There’s no coming from that. You don’t get to quit after you die!

At first, I couldn’t wrap my head around it, but after putting much thought to it, it became clear to me.

In our everyday struggles and the battles, we all fight, we should only quit when we’ve reached our absolute end. When we have done everything in our power. when we have scoured and scratched every inch of the surface.

After we have searched high and low. After we have exhausted every resource, every avenue, every channel and every possible solution. After we have given it everything we’ve got and are left with nothing else to give, only then, – not before – only then can, we throw in the towel. Only then can we quit.

Today, before you quit, die first.

Stay motivated, stay inspired and stay strong.
Happy Blogging.



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